Jimmy Fallon, Mariah Carey & The Roots: “All I Want For Christmas Is You” (w/ Classroom Instruments)



Backstage before the show, Jimmy, Mariah Carey, and The Roots grabbed some instruments you’d find in an elementary school classroom and stopped by the Late Night “Music Room” to sing Mariah’s holiday classic, “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” (instrument list below)

Jimmy Fallon – wood block, tambourine, bass drum, kazoo
Mariah Carey – vocals
Questlove – wooden clacker w/ afro pick
Mark Kelley – Fisher Price xylophone
Kamal Gray – recorder
James Poyser – melodica
Captain Kirk – ukulele
Tuba Gooding Jr. – kazoo
Frank Knuckles – bongos
Black Thought – sleigh bells

Download Mariah’s “Merry Christmas II You” here: http://smarturl.it/MCIIYou

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Jimmy Fallon, Mariah Carey & The Roots: “All I Want For Christmas Is You” (w/ Classroom Instruments)


31 responses to “Jimmy Fallon, Mariah Carey & The Roots: “All I Want For Christmas Is You” (w/ Classroom Instruments)”

  1. jeffbryanE says:

    Watching 2018❤️

  2. R Vargas says:

    So glad they brought this video back!!!
    Who's watching in 2018!!?? #lambily

  3. S W says:

    The fast tempo of this song makes it def hard to sing. She killed it

  4. Teddy Gum says:

    Wasn't this deleted?

  5. Dennis Mach says:

    She SLAYED this song sitting down! That's a REAL ARTIST. A songwriter, a singer of singers. Amazing.

  6. Jayjay Baladjay says:

    did i heard a crack

  7. Hacker 999 Hacker 999 says:

    2018 December

  8. Jerrold Simson says:

    19th #1 don't forget to stream #CAUTION ❤❤❤

  9. guitar says:

    Its back!

  10. Jun Kim says:

    Jimmy if you are threatened by being surrounded by black people, hit the drum or tambourine

  11. Kevin S says:

    It's back! Thanks!!!

  12. Ian Carabeo says:

    Whos watching dec 2018?

  13. Betül YILMAZ says:

    Whose watching in December 2018

  14. HOWARD LAI says:


  15. EC says:

    It's back!!!

  16. Jon Adol says:

    Omg it's back!!!!!!!

  17. CellarDoor says:

    Share in 2018!

  18. captainnoob89 says:

    This is timeless

  19. Israel Souto says:

    2018 december!

  20. Kardieschen says:

    it's time again!!!

  21. Marty Wilson says:

    Who's watching in December 2018? … A classic! 'Love the kids.

  22. Omar Martinez says:

    I love Mariah Carey.

  23. MrNosugarcoating says:

    Why is she scared of these notes now

  24. Richard Mate says:

    I thought this video was deleted…??

  25. Melissa White says:

    Who's watching Dec 2018?

  26. Unknown says:

    Who's watching in December 2018?

  27. Makkiez Th says:

    I hoooooope that she will back to this kind of show, and slay us in this 2018 year again and agian

  28. PHCKU says:

    Those runs at the end!!! god this woman is amazing

  29. PHCKU says:


  30. Poriyo Santoso says:

    Yeay it’s back!!!

  31. Adrián Rojas says:

    Iconic song…Legendary MC.

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